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Thank you for visiting my website, you're most welcome. I'm Amie. I run Soulful You, a holistic health business based in North Norfolk.

My greatest joy and passion is to help people access the tools we all hold within us, to find their own path to wellness. Whether that be using sound, reiki, breathwork, or yoga, or a combination, to connect mind to body, finding peace within and filling our souls full of love.

About Me

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing, & Reiki Practitioner. I am also a Mum to two amazing small people, an overenthusiastic Labrador, two stunning but grumpy cats, and partner to a very talented fudge maker. 

In my early career, which feels like a lifetime ago, I was fortunate to spend time travelling and working in the commercial aviation field. I left to start a family, two children later and several years of being 'just Mum' I think I was a little lost. Although I will forever be grateful for this time and wouldn't change it for the world, I'd lost touch with who I was as a person, The pandemic in 2020 had an impact on most, and for us as a family it brought a big loss and massive change. Although it was a difficult time personally, it gave me the kick I needed to seek connection.

I stumbled across a local Teacher Training Course run by Melissa Mace of Oaklands Yoga. I'd practiced yoga on and off for a number of years but something just drew me to this course. It felt like something I was supposed to do, although at the time I didn't know why.  It turned out to be one of the best times of my life and I feel so grateful to Melissa, my fellow students, and yoga itself, in many ways I think they and it saved me. I completed my 250 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2021, accredited and registered with Yoga Alliance UK. I am also a Certified Aerial Yoga and Yoga Wall Instructor.

My journey into Sound Healing felt like a natural extension to yoga, an obvious and necessary connection. I had met Charlie Christie, owner and found of Thyme with Charlie, during my yoga course. Charlie owns and operates an internationally certified Sound Healing Academy, and it was with her that I qualified as a Sound Healing Practitioner in 2022, completing Level 1 to facilitate one-to-one private sessions, and Level 2 for group sessions. Both of these courses are accredited by the IPHM. 

More recently we have relocated from Berkshire to North Norfolk, seeking change and following our hearts. We're lucky and grateful.  

I look forward to meeting you. 

Love & light,


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